Work Packages

The STARTED project aims to define and deliver new courses and methods for teaching entrepreneurship development to researchers, with knowledge exchange between HEIs and businesses. In order to execute the project goals within the 36 month project timeline, a rigorous work package methodology have been drawn up:

work packages

STARTED Project Work Package Overview


WP Title


WP1 Management Dedicated to project management.
WP2 Needs Centralisation & Networking Consists of a detailed analysis of domain needs in terms of innovation for guiding a researcher’s project creation and maturation depending on current demand from a market and tech perspective. This WP will also allow the development of a stakeholder network in participant countries to foster interactions and innovation.
WP3 Development of New Educational Content, Methodologies, and Organisation Dedicated to the development of appropriate educational methodologies and content to improve the entrepreneurial knowledge of researchers, including project management and activity creation for teams.
WP4 Creation of European Research-to-Startup (ERSC) Focused on a detailed study of best practices for entrepreneurship and the definition of an operational structure for the ERSC.
WP5 Development of Shared Web Platform and e-Tools Focused on the development of the web platform (a virtual workplace for the ERSC, centralising shared knowledge) along with all the e-tools whose specifications will be determined in WPs 2, 3 and 4.
WP6 Quality Plan & Sustainability Strategy Monitoring the quality and reliability of processes and the main project results, and will define a sustainability strategy to maintain ERSC and its collaborative web platform after the life of the STARTED project, and to spread the initiative within our networks.
WP7 Real-Condition Evaluation of ERSC & Performance Assessment Assesses the performance of the alliance’s processes, outputs and indicators, through internal and external evaluation.
WP8 Dissemination & Exploitation Dedicated to dissemination and exploitation.

Project Milestones

Below is a list of major milestones to be reviewed by the Quality Committee:




2.1 Completion of report on innovation needs in relevant domains for partner countries M12
3.1 Completion of new project-based approach to bridge the higher education and business worlds M12
3.2 Completion of specific tools and courses for guided self-learning M18
4.1 Definition of concrete competences exchange allowing innovation fostering and innovation transfer improvement within the ERSC M18
4.2 Establishment of a contractual template for higher education/business collaborations M24
5.1 Development of the web platform (beta version) M15
5.2 Development of final web platform for knowledge exchanges M24
6.1 Potential commercial value of the project in other to ensure sustainability M18
7.1 Availability of training materials, instructions for tutors M16
7.2 Completion of evaluation questionnaire M16
7.3 Selection of the projects for ERSC experimentation M15
7.4 Implementation of recommendations from Quality Assessment projec M30
7.5 Assessment by external body of the quality of the ERSC and its new project-based approach M34
M8.1 Completion of marketing plans for exploitable results of STARTED M30
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