Workshop: Supporting Researchers to Create Innovation Driven Enterprises


Register today for a free workshop on intrapreneurship & entrepreneurship skills tailored for those working on new product development, research and innovation!

Facilitated by John Breslin and the team at TechInnovate, the workshop offers detailed insight into bringing innovations from potential customer engagement through to successful commercialisation or tech transfer. You will also be the first in Europe to have free access to associated online tools from our experts to test the feasibility of your innovations.

The West Regional Skills Forum will run a roundtable session on the day to explore the additional skills needs for R&D functions in industry to address skills gaps in the West Region.


Workshop Agenda




09:30 Registration
10:00 STARTED Project Overview Overview of the STARTED Project including its aims and objectives, the scope of the project and the tools and resources that will be available for researchers
10:15 TRICS - Teaching Researchers and Innovators how to Create Startups Introduction to TRICS - learn about research innovation-driven entrepreneurship in a manner that will best serve the needs of the European research community.
10:30 Design Thinking Exercise Participants pair up to interview each other, come to a point-of-view of how they might design for their partner, ideate, and prototype a new solution in this exercise that focuses on building empathy.
11:30 Coffee Break
11:45 Who is your Customer Ability to believe in, and get others excited about, something that does not yet exist is a key element of entrepreneurship/intrapreneurship. In order to do establish interest in your idea , meaningful understanding of the customer is needed. Here we look at the end user and the steps necessary to understand the potential market for your idea.
12:45 Lunchbreak
13:15 What you can do for your Customer Once meaningful understanding of the customer is established you can now start defining what makes your idea unique and difficult to replicate by others. You will see learn how to establish competitive advantage by viewing the competition through the lens of your Persona.
14:00 Problem Validation
A high percentage of innovations come from problem we face either personally or in wider society. When properly harnessed these problems can be converted into opportunities. As a follow on from design thinking we look at how to breakdown problems, validate them and use them as a basis for innovation.
14:45 Coffee Break
15:00 Customer Validation Exercise This is an exercise in talking to your customer and asking questions and determine the persona's priority.
15:45 Research Community Roundtable Session A roundtable on the day will explore the additional skills needs for R&D functions in industry to address skills gaps in the West Region.
16:30 End